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    Having the HMF clinics located within monasteries has been beneficial for many reasons.

    1. We do not have to spend funds to pay for rent, electricity and water thus saving precious funds for medications and medical supplies.
    2. We are able to see monks and nuns early in their illness before they become too sick or spread their illness to others, creating difficult to manage epidemics.
    3. Generally, the clinics are easily accessible to the local lay community and help to generate good will between the monasteries and local population.

    Each clinic operates weekly on a different schedule.

    Benchen Free Clinic Monday-Friday 8-Noon.
    Benchen Free Clinic Pharping Twice weekly, 1-4 PM.
    Ka-Nying Clinic Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1-4 PM.
    Pullahari Clinic Once weekly, 8-Noon.
    Osel Ling Clinic Saturdays 8-Noon.
    Ngagi Gompa Clinic Twice weekly 8-Noon.
    Lhundrup Choeling Clinic Twice weekly 2-4 PM.

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    In 1995 the HMF in collaboration with a group of Polish dentists established a free standing dental facility at the Benchen Free Clinic location. This clinic operated on a part time basis until the year of 2016.

    In the beginning of 2016 we welcomed to our staff our first full time dentist, Dr. Karma Dolma Lama, the daughter of Dr. Chhiring Lama. She received her Dentistry Degree in Poland and brings her much needed skills to our permanent dental facility at the Benchen Free Clinic, where she works daily. The HMF purchased a portable dental unit which allows Dr. Karma in the afternoons to visit our other clinics in the various monasteries and nearby villages to provide free dental care to all who need it.

    In 2018 her brother Dr. Karma Tashi, also trained in Poland as a dentist, joined the HMF staff and now is in charge of the services that the portable dental unit provides.

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