HMF Newsletter 2018

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    Dear Donor,

    2018 marks the 25th year the HMF has been operational in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is slightly surreal to grasp this fact for myself. When I first started volunteering my medical services to a few monasteries I had no idea where that would lead.

    In 1992, when I first started contemplating the idea to establish some form of an official health care system for the Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries in Kathmandu, a friend remarked: “Consider carefully, because once you set up medical clinics and get established you will never in good conscious be able to discontinue the work. Medical services are desperately needed, so once you start it will be hard to stop.”

    In addition to that, about 12 years ago Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche strongly emphasized to me that the work of the HMF is too important to ever stop, and that “not even on my death bed can I stop this much needed and appreciated work.” OK, that put an end to any thoughts regarding how long I will run the organization even when I get very old! To accomplish this lofty goal I will need some help…..from you and any new donors which come our way over time. Your kind donations are the main way the HMF is able to survive and thrive. It is the collective help from all of you individually that has made the difference over all these years. Some of you have been regular donors for over 20 years and I have come to recognize your names. It is like getting a greeting from an old friend! So many thanks and much gratitude to all of you who have made it possible for the HMF to function for these past 25 years. Let’s shoot for another 25 years shall we?

    Kathmandu had a fairly uneventful year …… and that is great news! No earthquakes, significant flooding, government breaks downs, strikes, etc. The electricity delivery has significantly improved and we have been able to fully function without interruption for the entire year. In 1993 the staff of the HMF consisted of myself and Dr Chhiring Lama. Today we have a staff of 9 health professionals who work daily at our clinics. Adding Dr Karma Dolma as our first full time dentist has been a huge success. She is very motivated, hard working and full of helpful ideas. The HMF’s recently acquired automobile and portable dental unit has made it possible for Dr. Dolma to provide dental services to all our Gompa clinics as well as to schools, orphanages, and some of the more remote locations in the Kathmandu valley. Many patients, some over 60 years old have never had a dental exam in their entire life. Our main dental facility at the Benchen Free Clinic is open daily and is first rate (esp. for Kathmandu) as the photos will show. We are delighted to provide full time Medical and Dental services to our patients for the first time.

    Because it is our 25th year anniversary, I have pulled up photos from our archives dating back to 1992. Hope you enjoy the show.

    On behalf of the HMF staff in Nepal, Gisela and myself, we would like to express our profound gratitude to you and your generosity in helping the HMF operate over these past 25 years. I hope our stories and photos continue to inspire your kind support. The HMF is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible. Our operations, staff and budget have expanded over these past 3 years, so your continual support of our work is essential.

    Please make a donation via Paypal, or make out a check to the HMF.

    Our mailing address is:
    The HMF, 608 Portside Court, Lafayette, CO 80026

    Sincerely yours,
    Dr. Gregory Rabold, Founder and Medical Director HMF
    Phone: 720 387 8087

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