The Himalayan Medical Foundation has been providing ongoing free medical and dental care to the monastic and lay communities of the Kathmandu Valley for close to 27 years. Even though Nepal has experienced an almost continuous series of challenges and catastrophes, the HMF’s operation and services have been uninterrupted, supporting the Nepali people with reliability and constancy that is otherwise sorely lacking in their lives.

    The following is a summary of our most recent accomplishments:

    1) Emergency Medical Camps

    In response to the earthquake that hit Nepal in April of 2015, the HMF and the Adara Foundation jointly established emergency medical camps in the most badly damaged parts of the Kathmandu Valley, providing first aid and much needed medical care to those most affected by the catastrophe.

    Dr. Chhiring treating injured Nepali man                            Dr. Chhiring providing First Aid


    2) Expansion of HMF Staff

    Due to generous funding the HMF was able to expand it’s medical and dental staff :

    Health Assistant Bishnu Pokhara

    Rad-Tech Danesh Lamichhane

    Dr Karma Tashi

    Dental Assistant Saru Serchen and Dentist Dr. Karma Dolma

    Julie Cambell, Australian volunteer nurse

    Nepali Nurse, Chhoying Lhamo

    3) Purchase of Portable Dental Unit

    With our newly acquired portable dental unit our new dentist Dr. Karma Dolma is able to provide dental care to our more remote medical clinics as well as to local villages.

    Traveling Dental Clinic

    Portable Dental Unit


    4) Purchase of HMF’s First Automobile

    For almost 27 years Dr. Chhiring has been riding with the HMF’s motorcycle on bumpy and congested roads transporting medicines and medical supplies to the different clinics in the Kathmandu Valley. With the purchase of  a used automobile Dr. Chhiring’s job has become easier and his sore aging back is getting much needed relief.

    Dr. Chhiring happily driving recently purchased HMF car




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