A Day in the Life of HMF

    • Who We Are

      In 1990, Dr. J. Gregory Rabold moved from Boulder, Colorado to Kathmandu, Nepal and worked as the Medical Director of the Peace Corps Nepal and then as a staff physician at the CIWEC Travel Medicine Clinic. In 1993 due to a great need to provide some form of ongoing medical care for the monastic population, Dr. Rabold founded the Himalayan Medical Foundation (HMF), establishing medical clinics at the Benchen and Ka-Nying Monasteries. Due to the success of preventing rampant epidemics and infectious diseases, seven clinics in different monasteries were set up in the Kathmandu Valley. Because of the large indigent population, lacking access to any medical services, the HMF decided to extent its services to all in need. All of the HMF clinics take care of the more common third world diseases and infections typical of a poor country like Nepal.
      Dr. Rabold and his wife Gisela now reside in Lafayette, Colorado, but they visit Nepal on a regular basis, fundraising, reviewing possible projects and overseeing the overall operations of the HMF. The Country Director of the HMF in Nepal is Chhiring Lama who has over 25 years of medical experience as a Health Assistant. He has managed the day-to-day operation of all the clinics from the HMF’s inception. Over time the HMF’s staff has expanded and now includes a second health assistant, a laboratory and x-ray technician and a Tibetan nurse. Dr. Ajit Khanal, an Internist/Hospitalist has served as a consultant for the more seriously ill patients for the past fifteen years. A dentist Dr. Karma Dolma and her dental assistant joined our staff in 2015.

    • What We Do

      Because we provide free medical care to all patients who come to the HMF clinics, it is not unusual for patients to start queuing as early as 3:00am to be seen when the clinics open at 8:00am. To receive free medical and dental care as well as free medications is such a rarity that villagers and monastic patients are quite willing to patiently wait for hours to be seen. There are countless stories of patients who walk (often barefoot) or ride on bicycles in the morning darkness for up to 30km from distant villages to be seen at our clinics. That kind of trust and appreciation has been established over the past 23 years.
      Kathmandu is an ancient valley of unparalleled beauty, rich in spiritual history, culture and heritage. However, as a result of rapid growth and modernization severe air pollution, food and water contamination as well as a plethora of public health problems have emerged. In a country where the per capita income is extremely low, many Nepalis and Tibetans have few options for any type of affordable medical care. The free treatment and care patients receive at the HMF-sponsored clinics improves quality of life, relieves suffering and even saves lifes.
      An immunization program was established to prevent many of the infectious diseases, such as Typhoid Fever, Meningitis, Hepatitis B and Whooping Cough.
      Our Sanitation and Hygiene Program helps to prevent many of the public health problems that are prevalent in the Kathmandu valley. We were able to build shower houses, hot water solar systems, toilets as well as water delivery and purification systems.

    How You Can Help

    The HMF operates entirely on donations, with one of the lowest administrative fees in the non-profit sector. Incredibly, we are able to provide office visits at an average cost of $1.50 per patient. Therefore, your donation has a tremendous impact on the services we offer,  improving quality of life, relieving suffering and even saving lives. Watch our “Day in the Life” video for a window into our daily operations. Thank you for your interest and care.

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