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Catastrophe in Nepal

In 1990 while working as the Medical Director of Peace Corps Nepal, I often had to deal with full blown epidemics of TB, Dysentery, or Scabies. At that time I thought I was seeing the worst. Today Nepal is faced with an entirely new crisis, much worse than an isolated epidemic. The devastating earthquake which struck Kathmandu on Saturday, April 25th, has taken thousands of lives and caused an unprecedented amount of damage to one of the poorest countries in the world. Please click on our News section to get the full story. —Dr. Greg Rabold, Director

HMF Emergency Health Camps Respond to the Earthquake

Who We Are

For the last 22 years the HMF's network of clinics has offered free medical care to the monastic and lay communities in the Kathmandu valley, a region rich in spiritual history and heritage as well as unparalleled beauty. As the valley has become more modernized, severe air pollution, food and water contamination as well as a plethora of Public Health problems have emerged. In a country where the per capita income is extremely low, many Nepalis and Tibetans have few options for any type of meaningful medical care. Quite literally the treatment these patients receive at the HMF-sponsored free clinics can often be the dividing line between life and death.

What We Do

The HMF was first established to put a stop to epidemic diseases that frequently plagued Kathmandu's many monasteries. Our mission quickly evolved to providing general health care to the public for the respiratory, gastro-intestinal and skin infections endemic to the living conditions of the Kathmandu valley. Outside the clinics, our Sanitation and Hygiene Program addresses public health problems that are the source of many common illnesses. We owe our lasting success in the valley to our partnership with local monasteries, the tireless dedication of our staff, and our policy of free walk-in care and free medicine.

How You Can Help

The HMF operates entirely on donations, with one of the lowest administrative fees in the non-profit sector. Incredibly, we are able to provide office visits at an average cost of $1.50 per patient. Your donations of any amount therefore have a tremendous impact on the services we offer and the lives our clinics improve, if not often save! Watch our "Day in the Life" video for a window into our daily operations. Thank you for your interest and care.

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